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Company Title :Fibabanka A.Ş.
Responsible Official :Fibabanka Board of Directors
Trade Registry No :272902
Central Registry Record System Number :0209-0007-8081-4852
Headquarters Address :Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad. No:129 -34394 Şişli – İstanbul
Telephone :(0212) 381 82 82
Fax No :(0212) 258 37 78
Audit Authority :Banking Regulation and Supervison Agency

Information Form Regarding the Law on Protection of Personal Data

According to the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”), all kinds of information and documents required to identify, or makes it possible to identify, a real person, shall be considered within the scope of personal data.

The Bank, as the Data Processor, may obtain personal data verbally, in writing or in electronic environment, from its direct/indirect affiliates, other business partners or the third persons from whom it receives services, through the Head Office, Branches, kiosks, ATMs, internet branch and call centre and similar channels; and may process such personal data.

The Bank uses the personal data, obtained by it regarding the customers, to share said data with related administrative and official authorities in order to give information relating to services offered by the subsidiaries of the group which it is included in; to be able to conduct administrative affairs; to make changes and updates relating to banking services; to be able to make enterprise analysis and R&D studies; (unless declared to the contrary to the Bank) to conduct marketing and promotional activities relating to banking products and services; to fulfil requirements under relates laws and regulations; to conduct identification and identity verification from the Credit Bureau of Turkey and other similar institutions; to prevent financing of terrorism and money laundering and without being limited to these, to prevent all kinds of illegal acts.

In addition to these, in order to be used in all kinds of products and services including those it may offer as an agent/intermediary/representative within the scope of the Banking Law and other related laws and regulations and due to the requirement to comply with the regulations relating to the determination of the client’s identity, contact details such as the address and keeping said information during legally required periods and the obligations of information safekeeping, reporting, providing information set forth in related legal regulations such as the Banking Law no.5411, Turkish Commercial Code no.6102, Tax Procedure Law no.6502, Law no.6502 on Protection of Consumers, Cheque Law no.5941, Law no.6361 on Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies, Law no.5549 on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime, Law no.1211 on the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Law no.5464 on Bank Cards and Credit Cards; said data may be processed by the Bank, as the Data Processor, in the manner as set forth in the LPPD, are recorded to our systems, stored, preserved, classified, updated periodically and may be shared with third persons within the scope of legal limits.

Personal data at our Bank is shared with parties, legal authorised to demand customer information from banks; domestic or foreign financial institutions and other third parties regulated under article 73/4 of the Banking Law; our main shareholder , our direct/indirect affiliates, the group which we are involved in and its subsidiaries; third party business partners from which we receive services in order to conduct our banking activities; other institutions we cooperate and offer services and within the scope of legal limits and for, and being limited to, legal purposes.

According to the LPPD, you have the rights to know whether your personal data is processed; if processed, to demand information in relation thereto; to know the purpose of processing thereof and whether said data is used in line with intended purpose or not; to know the domestic or foreign third persons to whom said data is disclosed; if your personal data is processed incompletely/incorrectly, to demand correction thereof; to demand declaration of any such correction transaction to third persons to whom related data is disclosed; to demand deletion/destruction thereof within the framework legal requirements set forth in article 7 of the LPPD, except for legal restrictions; to demand declaration of your demand for deletion/destruction thereof, to third persons to whom related data is disclosed; to object against any adverse consequences which may occur to your disadvantage due to analysis of said personal data by automatic systems exclusively; in case of any loss suffered by you due to any illegal processing thereof, to demand compensation of such loss.

You may exercise you said rights to make demand, by applying to our Bank.